Halfway There

Tomorrow will be week seven of my internship. There is a part of me that thinks wow, this is flying by quick. There is another part of me thinks wow, it’s only week 7? I have about five weeks left of my time in Providence (until the school year). I sitting outside right now by one of the academic buildings on this empty campus. It’s a beautiful New England day. The sky is clear and the breeze is just right.

My family came up this weekend to visit me. It was just the perfect taste of home that I needed. I’ll admit it I’ve been a bit homesick. It was nice to have them here, show them around, show them what my summer’s been like. I especially loved the sleepovers I had with Ashley. I missed that kid. We went to Waterfire, which is an event that is unique to Providence. It was so pretty and it was such a fun walk. Now, as my weekend comes to a close, I wish they were still here.

This summer has been definitely a lonelier summer than most. I find myself doing my own thing a lot. I’m grateful for Paige and Rachel for always being down to do whatever, whenever. In a way though, I enjoy the self-company. It’s given me time to reflect and mentally prepare for the dreaded but highly anticipated Senior Year. Friartown has treated me very well, and I am happy that I get to spend a little extra time here more than most.

Today I bought (rented) my Senior Ring Weekend formal dress. A little early I know, but I know what I like. Let me tell you, it is a stunner. Get pumped to see that look in Septemeber. Also today, I explored some hipster cafes in Providence and then crashed Brown freshmen orientation (for like the 12th time). I like to go to Brown because it’s so vibrant and it’s not empty like Providence.


(This is me @ Brown pretending I am a freshman)

With five weeks, I am going to work my hardest at my job and at the same time try my best to branch out more. It is the summer I mean, I need to have some fun. I really did not know the purpose of this post. I just needed to clear my mind I guess. Thanks for reading, thanks for listening.

love always,



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