Guess Who Got a Food Instagram?

That’s right! Your girl decided to make a food Instagram. I’m already obsessed with it. If you want to check it out click here. I don’t what made me want to do it. I was joking around with my roommates about having one and next thing you know it was done.

So, why is it called Hangry Jenna? Well, if I’ll be honest with you I get pretty upset when I’m hungry. I can be very cranky if I don’t have food for a while. I figured it was a pretty suitable food Instagram name. It accurately depicts who I am: easily irritable and loves food. Most of us can relate, right?

The other reason why I decided to this was to give me the opportunity to explore Providence more than I already do. Even though I’ve gone to school here for almost four years, I don’t really have the time during the school year to explore as much as I like to. I’m lucky to have this summer to do that. My roommate Rachel has this hardcore list of all these places in Providence she wants to check out, so with her help I can try out some new things. Also, I can go back and enjoy some of my favorites already.

So, if you love good food and little old me, follow my food Instagram. I promise I won’t disappoint!

PS I have some cool stuff coming up, and I want to share my music with all you! There is more to come!


Jenna 🙂


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