I’m Not Dead, I’m Just Working

Hello, friends!

It has been a very very long time. I sincerely apologize. There just has been no time for me where I can sit down and genuinely write a good post for all of you. It would not be fair to my lovely readers if I rushed through. So, here I am. It’s Friday afternoon, I have about 35 minutes of my work week left. That’s right, it’s almost 12:30 pm and I get out of work at 1. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Summer hours are a beautiful and wonderful thing that companies should implement more often.

Anyway, I hope the summer has been treating all of you very well so far. I know for me it’s been exhausting but also extremely rewarding. I am about to end my second week at Alex and Ani. It is so fun. I love my department, I love my co-workers, and the whole environment in this office is so warm and welcoming. I feel so at ease coming into work. It seems like everyone that works here loves their job and this company. It is really inspiring quite honestly. I hope when I start working I have that same passion and drive that I am seeing here today.

Living in Providence has also been so fun. I miss New York immensely, but as I’ve said in previous posts, Providence is such a cool city. There is always so much to do, and the food is incredible (I am debating whether or not to make a food Instagram lol). It’s nice to live on campus because I get to see the changes that the school is doing. I cannot wait to see how different campus looks in the fall. I also have new roommates, and they are great. I was really excited to make new friends.

Side note, if you need new music, Halsey’s new album hopeless fountain kingdom is AMAZING. Also, Lorde’s album is coming out June 16. I say it all the time 2017 is the year of the music (maybe I’ll do a music post soon).

That’s all I got for you lovely people right now, life is pretty good. I’m very grateful. Soon, I’ll have a very intense bracelet collection because of #employeediscounts.

I’ll definitely be writing again soon!

I love you guys xoxo



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