I need to start off by apologizing for how long it’s been. I’m sure you all missed me. I got so caught up in the craziness that is the spring semester. I missed writing. I wanted to catch you all up on my life. HAPPY FRIDAY! (Pictured above: My roomies and I having a partay on St. Patrick’s day)

This week I finally figured out what I am doing this summer. After months of stressing and submitting a number of applications, I finally have an internship. *Drum roll please*

I will be a Product Development intern for Alex and Ani!!! I am so ecstatic and honored to be a part of this team. Alex and Ani is an incredible company. They are ethical, eco-conscious and women based. These are all values I hold near to my heart. When I got the phone call, I almost was in tears. I put a lot of work into the position and I felt like my work finally paid off. With all this being said, I will be living in Providence this summer! This means more adventures and more posts are I continue to navigate through New England.

I am going to really miss New York though. This will be the first summer in my life that I won’t be home. It is definitely going to be hard not being with my friends and my family all the time. However, all my friends have told me that living at PC is so much fun.

April is now the final stretch. I am OVER school. I am OVER the cold. (Today is like 54 degrees but still). In a couple days, I’ll be back home for Easter. It’s going to be my first time home since January which is crazy. After a wild spring break and a jam packed past couple of weeks of work, I am ready for a nice break. I miss my grandma (even though I talk to her almost every day). When I am home, I hope to have a nice day in Manhattan. Maybe, I’ll see Christian, Stephen, and Phyllis. I’m excited about bagels.

I am so relieved to have a summer job and an internship for that matter. This has been hanging over my head this semester. Now, it’s just the road to finishing up the year and then I am the “S” word (I don’t want to say that word yet). I PROMISE I will be back very soon because I have a lot of awesome and fun stuff coming up that I will love to share.

If you’re a friend, thank you for all your support.



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